Polo… Fashion… Gourmet cuisine… African Luxury, what you know about THAT? PR Girl Media came through and put these elements together for what I feel was the best event of the year 2017 thus far. A combination of polo, fashion (both runway and draped on guests), live music, gourmet food and opulent beverages tuned to […]

TEDxLusaka ’17: A WOKE FEST.

Saturday 27th May, 2017 saw many an enlightenment seeker head to The Mulungushi International Conference Center for Lusaka’s annual TEDx event. With an impressive list of 18 speakers lined up, and the theme To Get Lost is To Learn The Way, it promised to be a TEDx event of note. For everyone that’s hearing about […]

Jump on the TEDxpress 🚂

Sometime last year, during that gap between uni and employment that is kinda forced on you in these parts, I was introduced to TED. I must say that I constantly heard about it from people close to me, but brushed it off because it required a stable internet connection and in my unemployed state the […]

Zamfest 2017: Eat, Play, Love.

Foodies and fatties assemble! The pre-fest hype was real. My taste buds were ready.  I deliberately had a quick tiny breakfast to save room for all the chow I was anticipating at “Zambia’s biggest and first of it’s kind food festival”. I am not much of a foodie, I’m more of a fattie. Anything that […]

February 2017: A Black History Win

Who could forget the babies-on-the-bake announcement that broke the interwebs and Instagram’s record for most likes (10 million+)? The BeyHive  was expecting twins!! 🤰🏽🐝  Beyoncé is notorious for keeping secrets and dropping surprises (albums, movies and the occasional mic), so when she decided to tell us she was having twins we should have known at […]

PAZURI: A Suburban Safari

Wildlife is something I’ve always found entertaining. In a perfect world I could Nat Geo Wild n’ chill 24/7, but life and adulting has to happen. I love Nat Geo Wild because it gives you all of nature’s grit and glory without the smelliness and danger of it. However, on the rare occasion that you’re […]

Beijing Retreat: Oriental Delight 🎎

December has been a busy month for Lusaka’s PR Girl Media with #TheTravelSeries. I started a Travel Series Journal with Zanzibar at Latitude, but we had an unfortunate break in transmission with Jamaica at Zebra Crossing because I caught the kinda flu that has you feeling like you’re going to cough up a lung. I […]