Bacci on Your Mind

A progressive 3 key melody flows right into minor scatting vocals, opening a 3 minute 5 second journey into a tale of open communication in a relationship.

On ‘your Mind‘, Bacci’s sound and message takes a haunting alternative R&B turn, with the airing of the complexities of an attempt at a purely honest connection.

“You don’t like it when I tell you the truth
Convinced yourself I’m tryna make you the fool
Please believe I only have good intentions
When I mention your imperfections” 

Bacci’s diffident, yet equally powerful delivery gives off haze in a male tone similar to the likes of Banks and FKA Twigs. We haven’t really heard a local (Zambian) male artist play with the layering of vocals and production the way he does on this one, whilst simultaneously stating point by point, fact for fact – and reassuring how his love blends seamlessly with rectitude only because he looks out for the recipient.

“You gotta do emotional work.
My love is promised
Cause my love’s so damn real”

Of course, like we’re all accustomed to at a point in our lives, the feeling isn’t mutual (at least not as far as he pens down), the purity isn’t reciprocated and Bacci laments how he isn’t getting as much as he is giving.

“I can’t be the only one holding us up.
Catering to you and filling your cup.
What about me and what I need?”

The song ends with the big d*ck energy only a self assured individual would serve and we all could learn from.

“If you can’t take me being honest
Baby you know the deal”


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