PAZURI: A Suburban Safari

Wildlife is something I’ve always found entertaining. In a perfect world I could Nat Geo Wild n’ chill 24/7, but life and adulting has to happen. I love Nat Geo Wild because it gives you all of nature’s grit and glory without the smelliness and danger of it. However, on the rare occasion that you’re […]

Beijing Retreat: Oriental Delight 🎎

December has been a busy month for Lusaka’s PR Girl Media with #TheTravelSeries. I started a Travel Series Journal with Zanzibar at Latitude, but we had an unfortunate break in transmission with Jamaica at Zebra Crossing because I caught the kinda flu that has you feeling like you’re going to cough up a lung. I […]

Zanzibar At Latitude: Serenity & Spice

So December is here and with it comes the year end festivities. If you’re active on Social Media you might have heard about #TheTravelSeries hosted by PR Girl Media. I think this idea is genius because it brings an entire holiday destination experience to you albeit for only an afternoon/evening, kinda like a mini stay-cation […]

Let’s Talk Birds & Bees

In my quest to be a social media warrior with a cause, I took on my very first live tweeting gig. This was something new and exciting for me because I rarely ever tweet about the serious things, I’m a quirky boi 😉, but life demands that we occasionally step outside of our comfort zones […]

Crowd Yamu Ma Yard

When Stanbic does music, Stanbic DOES music. 8th October 2016 drove this point home for me. I wasn’t even going to go, because those ticket prices were crazy (for me, in all my broke man glory) but my blessers came through. #Blessed #GodsFavorite at this point. Thanks to them I had a chance to be […]